• We have a dedicated team for transcription. Through our internal training and stringent selection, we have picked the transcriptionists who possess tremendous listening skills and have excellent command over English language. Our dedicated team is well versed with media transcription. We assure you 99% accurate Transcription with quick turnaround time.

  • Our team is capable of converting documentaries, films, reality shows, news, podcasts, talk shows, radio broadcasts, interviews, television shows, etc. into well documented format. We completely understand the importance of accurate transcriptions of interviews, conferences, films, reality shows, etc. and feel you may need a supportive backend professional organization to manage time to time transcription needs.

  • We at Kumpenny, provide our professional media transcription services keeping client’s preferences at utmost importance. We have experience of transcribing thousands of audio/video hours in audio transcription itself. We provide our suggestions and support based upon our vast transcription experience in case of continuous sentences, use of punctuation marks, usage of slangs, time stamping up to milliseconds, and many more to provide you real peace of mind.

  • Audio Transcription is the process of representing recorded oral text into written format. In this process, the transcriptionist (the person doing the transcription) plays an audio file on a specific player. Examples of audio files include recorded conferences, interviews, and podcasts. The transcriptionist then listens to the audio file and types into a text editor everything the speaker in the recording would say.

  • The amount of omitted words and modifications depends on the rules set by the transcriptionists and their clients. Once the entire audio file is transcribed, the transcriptionist would then proofread the text transcript and submit it to the client.

  • At Kumpenny Solutions, our network of highly educated experts in every field and subject matter is at your disposal. Highly technical terminology and complex formatting of documents are always within our grasp. We address your specific needs and meet your high standards. Most importantly, all of your videos are watched and listened to not only by the typist but every video is watched and listened to again carefully by an experienced specialist to ensure flawless documentation. This is essential when we create subtitles for your videos and need to make sure that they are in sync. We appreciate the chance to offer these invaluable services to all of our clients.

  • Increase your audience, generate extra revenue and create the best selling e-books with the help of Kumpenny Solutions. We have a proven 99.99% accuracy rating each and every time. You will never look elsewhere for transcribing your valuable video recordings. All of our transcripts are certified with a quality money-back guarantee and are treated with the highest sensitivity and confidentiality.

  • The first and most obvious benefit are that transcribed data is more legible than reading from jotted notes on a legal pad. Kumpenny offers only the most highly trained transcriptionists in both our legal and medical divisions. Specifically, our transcriptionists are trained and tested in legal terminology and have an in-depth understanding of the various formats of legal documents. With the assistance of a digital recording, our transcriptionists are able to successfully decipher legal notes and transcribe them into an easy-to-read document.

  • In the long run, using a legal transcription company such as Kumpenny Solutions will save your firm money, while at the same time providing a professional edge unmatched by any other company in our field. The documents we provide for our clients are of top quality and are professionally edited.

  • Media Transcriptions involve converting documentaries, films, podcasts, television shows, reality shows, news, talk shows, radio broadcasts, interviews, videotaped events, raw footage etc into text. At Kumpenny Solutions, we provide top quality media transcription (speech to text) with time coding at prices that are sure to make you smile. In a massive industry like the media, time is money and production and media houses cannot afford to spend many hours transcribing film or television content. This is where transcription companies step in to ease your workload. We are one of the leading media transcription companies providing our services throughout the globe.

  • Also, you won't find a team of media transcriptionist professionals as dedicated and reliable elsewhere. Our team of well-trained transcription professionals will tailor orders to match your prerequisites. The source of your content wouldn’t be a problem - we'll transcribe them right away. Are you worried about how much work we can get done? We provide BULK media transcription services too. We offer incredibly LOWER RATES for bulk orders in any language.

  • Kumpenny Solutions has provided high-quality market survey reports transcription services to different organizations who conduct market research. Different companies use different market research methods to record feedback. The team of market research transcription professionals at Kumpenny Solutions has worked on transcribing a variety of market research material. Our accurate market research transcription services will enable your organization to make the right business decisions.

  • Market research can be successful only if the transcription of customer feedback is accurate and reliable. Our market survey reports transcription customers have been able to gain knowledge about market research data based on our accurate and reliable market research transcription services of customer feedback. When you outsource to Kumpenny Solutions, you can be assured of accurate transcriptions of your focus group sessions and all your other market research investigations. Kumpenny Solutions' market research transcription experts can efficiently handle all your recording scenarios and provide error-free transcription services.

  • In the insurance industry, a large volume of data is collected in the form of conversations and testimonies given by clients and other individuals involved in a claim. Insurance data, both medical and non-medical can come in various forms; including audio and video recordings. It needs to be transcribed exactly the same way as it was collected, in an easy to read format so that it's useful.

  • For this reason, it makes good sense to outsource your insurance transcription needs to a firm that has specialized experience in working for the insurance sector. Kumpenny has a number of highly skilled, insurance specialist staff which works closely with our customers to produce accurate data transcriptions. We take your privacy and confidentiality of your cases very seriously; therefore, we have air-tight security procedures including confidentiality agreements in place. We ensure a clear chain of custody for all your recordings and transcriptions.

  • At Kumpenny Solutions, every interview is transcribed with the utmost professionalism. Our transcription service is convenient, easy-to-use, and offers unbeatable rates on all types of interviews. Whether you require a transcript of a television broadcast interview or an academic research interview, you will be impressed by our precision and speed. Our legal clients rave about our accuracy and ability to follow their strict formatting guidelines. Professors are impressed with our knowledge of every field and subject matter. Our small business clients are thankful to be without all of the associated overhead costs of in-house transcribers. Yet, the main reason to choose us for interview transcription over our competitors is because of our team of talented typists and editors.

  • The secret of our success is found in our high standards. This will be obvious to you from your first contact with our experts. We pride ourselves on our gracious, reasonably priced, and professional service. Most importantly, we guarantee excellence. All of your audios are listened to more than once. Every file is quality assured by an experienced specialist. There is a quantitative value add that we bring providing this additional service at no extra charge to all of our clients.

  • At Kumpenny Solutions , we know what makes or breaks a business. Our team is made up of professionals with training and expertise in our field. We strictly use only university educated editors and typists who provide unmatched excellence. We beat our competition with a proven 99.997% accuracy rating each and every time. We offer a number of pricing plans to you, allowing you to know ahead of time that your deadlines will be met and that costs are within your budget. We pride ourselves on using the most advanced technologies to increase productivity and provide high quality at a cost of 40% less than what you are used to paying. Our exceptionally professional transcripts will meet your high business standards. Trust us for all of your business transcriptions needs.

  • Reading through is far faster than listening through hour-long meetings. Save your executives time and hassle by having important meetings transcribed so everyone on the team can quickly catch up, and more importantly, review your meetings so as to ensure you’ve not missed any crucial points. All of your transcription needs are addressed and handled by our trustworthy experts.

  • Kumpenny offers a range of text services for corporate videos, movies, DVDs, games, advertisements and other media. If you are a professional filmmaker who requires foreign language subtitles for your English movie? Or you are an amateur filmmaker who wants English subtitles for your foreign language movie? By opting for subtitles for movies, you can make your movie available to a larger audience, who can appreciate your film.

  • Kumpenny uses only native speakers when it comes to creating subtitles for movies, so you can be sure that the depth of your film's dialogues has been conveyed. Translation and subtitling experts at Kumpenny can develop subtitles in English for foreign language movies and vice-versa. Our experience in providing subtitles for movies to several filmmakers has made us a leading provider in subtitles for movies.

  • Kumpenny is a leading translation services provider dedicated to providing the highest quality language solutions at very competitive prices.

  • It is an Indian translation company with its head office in Mumbai, India.We combine the expertise of professional translators & interpreters, editors and project managers to provide expert solutions to each client's Translation requirements.

  • Our mission is to support and provide solutions for our clients in the current global marketplace, which has led to an increased demand for language translation services. Our main objective is to develop and sustain positive customer relationships and help our clients tap into new markets quicker. We enable global businesses to engage with their customers and we facilitate our customers' worldwide success through language globalization by providing complete solutions, exceptional value, and unsurpassed service.

  • The main idea behind dubbing is to ensure that the voice behind the video is in synchronization with the display. With our professional dubbing team that comprises of translators, adaptors, dubbing artists, recordists and directors, you can be rest assured of a high quality, lively dubbed output. Our Professional dubbing services are known for the natural flow, time synchronization and lip sync. We offer dubbing services in 150+ languages for e-learning, training modules, ad films, documentaries etc.

  • We have a team of dubbing artists who have a rich experience in voice over and dubbing. Our dubbing director works in coordination with the dubbing artist and the recordist to yield a quality dubbed output. The artist is chosen based on the domain/subject at hand.

  • We offer complete one stop dubbing solutions. You can simply hand over your video in the source language to us and we shall provide you a final finished video in the target language of your choice.

  • Our team of translators, transcribers, dubbing artists, recordists and directors works in complete coordination to yield a finished output video which looks natural. We provide you dubbed videos with complete lip sync.

  • We have professional artists who have sound experience in this field. We have all types of voice talents – male, female, child. Thus, depending on your subject and the content, we shall provide you voice samples which you can choose from.

  • We have native artists who can provide voice recording in their respective mother tongue. Thus, no matter what language (Indian or foreign) that you are looking at, we can provide you the VO services in that language.

  • The areas in which we offer voice over services include e-learning, movies, documentaries, IVR, TV episodes, corporate commercials, corporate trainings, ad films etc. To fit into such needs, we have a team of voice over talents that are rich in diversity and our artists work on a wide array of recording modules.

  • We work in 150+ languages that includes both Indian and international languages. Our voice over talent pool comprises of over 1000 voice over artists that are native speakers of their language and are true professionals.

  • Kumpenny understands the importance of video editing and the impact it has on your business and the brand you are trying to build. We have a good experience in the video editing domain and a team which can edit videos in a manner that highlights key information in a captivating way

  • We offer a unique experience perfectly suited to your business needs. When you have a partner like Kumpenny you gain a partner that understands your requirements and provides services designed to specifically meet your needs, reducing in-house costs and ensuring optimal quality in the final edited video. We do Corporate Videos, Client Testimonial Videos, Training Videos, Event Videos, TV Commercials, TV Shows, Documentaries, Short Films, Educational Videos, Corporate Presentations for Online Use & YouTube Videos.

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